Exam Forms & Information


The main purpose of any certification and examination is public and consumer protection, not for protection of the professional. These processes ensure that a professional is competent and knowledgeable to provide services. Examinations are designed to demonstrate competence, therefore not everyone should or will pass.

Each examination offered by RICB is developed from a Subject Matter Expert (SME) developed Content Outline or Core Competencies. Examinations vary in length (number of question and time allotted to take the exam). All examinations are multiple choice.

Candidates for exams will be permitted to test only after their application is approved. This means that all requirements for the certification they are pursuing have been properly documented and met. Once an application is approved, the candidate will be emailed instructions to register for the examination. Exam scores are not released over the phone.




Individuals with disabilities and/or religious obligations that require modifications in exam administration may request specific procedure changes, in writing, to RICB no fewer than 60 days prior to the scheduled exam date.  With the written request, candidate must provide official documentation of the disability or religious issue.  Contact RICB on what constitutes official documentation.  RICB will make arrangements for appropriate modifications to its procedures when documentation supports this need. Email info@ricertboard.org for more information and for the Special Accomodations Form.