A Code of Ethics is adopted to aid in the delivery of the highest quality of professional care to persons seeking chemical dependency services. These standards will assist the addiction professional to determine the propriety of his/her conduct in relationships with clients, recipients, colleagues, members of allied professions, and the public.

Violation of the RICB Code of Ethics shall be deemed as grounds for discipline.  Engaging in unethical conduct includes, in addition to violation of the Rules enumerated herein, any other violation which is harmful or detrimental to the profession or to the public. RICB Disciplinary Procedures apply to all of our certifications. 

For individuals Licensed as a LCDCS or LCDP, please refer to the Department of Health's website

Any sanctions imposed against an LCDP/LCDCS by the RICB/RIDOH will also be imposed against any RICB issued certification(s).
Code of Ethics - Prevention
Code of Ethics - all other credentials