Doula or perinatal doula means a trained professional providing continuous physical, emotional, and informational support to a pregnant individual, from antepartum, intrapartum, and up to the first twelve (12) months of the postpartum period. Doulas also provide assistance by referring childbearing individuals to community-based organizations and certified and licensed perinatal professionals in multiple disciplines.

Certification is not required to practice as a doula in Rhode Island. The purpose of this credential is to provide certification for doulas who plan to accept insurance reimbursement and will be required for contracting with Medicaid and private insurance per RI SB484: An Act Related To Human Services - Medical Assistance - Perinatal Doula Services. There is no certification requirement or regulation to restrict uncertified doulas from supporting families in hospital settings. 



For more in depth information on the requirements please review the downloadable application above.

Education/Training: 20 total hours of relevant education/training to the Certified Perinatal Doula domains. 12 hours must be in birth doula training, antepartum doula training, postpartum doula training and/or childbirth education. At least one training must be a doula training, 2 hours must be in breastfeeding or document a valid lactation certification, 2 hours must be attendance at a childbirth class or document a valid childbirth education certification, 3 hours must be in cultural competency and 1 hour must be in HIPAA/client confidentiality.

Documentation of current CPR certification. Certificate(s) must include competencies for adults and infants, AND documentation of current SafeServ certification for meal preparation.